Sasha Stanojevic

Lead Animator; Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Adam Fulawka came to the Banff Centre with a wide range of skills from 3D modeling to compositing and a strong understanding of various production pipelines for film, games and interactive media. His attitude, enthusiasm, and work ethic were infectious to the team and helped elevate projects almost as much as his technical abilities.

Adam's expertise particularly in 3D areas helped many artists realize their ideas. He was not afraid to dive into a challenge and figure out how to do something that he hadn't done before. It was not uncommon for Adam to be the first to the office in the mornings and the last one to leave, constantly refining his skills and learning new ones.

When given clear directions Adam would follow them with attention to detail and be appreciative of any feedback. On projects with less clear objects and more abstract problems, he would tackle with creativity and a unique perspective.

It was a pleasure working with Adam and his presence will be missed by the whole team both inside the animation office and the department.

Neale Johannnesson

CEO; Azgard Corporation

I am the President and CEO of Azgard Corporation, and Azgard's predecessor company, Cyntech Corporation. Since the early 1990's, Cyntech has been an industry leader in the maintenance and repair of large aboveground storage tanks, and the design, manufacture and\installation of pipeline anchor systems and helical pile systems. In 2009, Cyntech began to diversify into the solar energy business. In late 2010, the tank repair and anchor/pile divisions of Cyntech were sold to North American Construction Group, and the company continued on in the solar energy business under the new name of Azgard Corporation.

Adam Fulawka has worked with Cyntech and Azgard since July, 2008 as a marketing assistant and multimedia developer. He has been instrumental in the development of marketing brochures, project summary sheets, and trade show presentations for both companies. Adam played an active role in the rebuilding of Cyntech's tank and anchor website, and the development of a new website for Cyntech/Azgard's solar energy activities. He also produced several promotional and instructional videos, including a stop motion animation video of the erection of our building in Houston, Texas.

Adam has been a tremendous asset to both Cyntech and Azgard. His broad knowledge of multimedia techniques, and his ability to work creatively and independently have allowed us to produce professional quality marketing materials and videos with a minimum of supervision. In addition, Adam's experience in industrial settings has allowed him to capture the important aspects of our construction activities without direction. His enthusiasm and sense of humour allows Adam to get along with other employees while keeping his project moving forward. He is conscientious, honest and reliable.

I am pleased to provide the highest recommendation for Adam Fulawka.